Suunta Reconstructed [2014 reissue]

Suunta 2014 reconstruction & reissue

Project goals:

Rebuild original Suunta tracks with new sound design, improved instruments, drums and mixing
Alternative versions as bonus tracks (digital edition only)
New professional mastering
Create a completely new 5.1 surround sound version, professionally mastered
Record new version of “Forever And Always” vocals with Krister Linder
Official video to “Forever And Always”
Completely new artwork with front/back and inner sleeve design
Distribute it to all major streaming services
Manufacture a limited edition vinyl pressing with gatefold cover artwork [edit: vinyl edition is cancelled]


Suunta was originally released in 2007 on Kahvi Collective netlabel. Since then, it has been downloaded thousands of times and still is the most popular Planet Boelex release to date. However, back in the day when it was work-in-progress, many parts of it were rushed, not enough attention was paid to mixing and it was never mastered properly. Sadly, it is not the version it should have been. But it doesn’t have to be like this forever. Calling this just a remastered edition would be an understatement, every part of the package is to be worked further on.

Your support is needed

If you look at the list of goals listed above, pretty much everything (except the very first part), would cost me money to execute properly. You should understand, that even if my music is freely downloadable to you, the process of making the music and various forms of distribution are not free. I have always wanted to provide you easiest possible access to my music – if you wanted to have the complete discography, you could download it all with a single click from my website. Maintaining all this has cost me quite a bit over the years. Like I have tried explaining in a recent Facebook post, I simply cannot sustain this model any longer. I am asking for your financial support for this project.

How to support

In case you are not interested in the vinyl version, the best way is to donate directly to me via PayPal using the link below.
Alternative way of supporting is to buy any of my album at my Bandcamp site.

PayPal Donate

The donation is a voluntary payment and the amount is up to you. Think of it as supporting what I have done in the past and to help keeping me doing the same in the future. However, I am still giving you the following perks for your generosity:

Donate 5 EUR: get Suunta Reconstructed stereo edition [digital download] 7 days prior to official release date [not set]
Donate 9 EUR or more: get Suunta Reconstructed stereo + 5.1 surround editions [digital download] 14 days prior to official release

Important: If your regular email address is not the same associated with your PayPal, let me know the one you use.

Vinyl edition preorder

[edit: Vinyl edition is cancelled due to insufficient pre-orders. Sorry.]

Previews of the new version

I understand some people would like to get samples of what’s to come. I will be posting some previews in the future, to keep up with them please follow my Facebook page.

How is the money used?

There will be several people involved in the making. Most stages in the process has a fixed price – the mastering, vinyl manufacturing, streaming services, artwork and such. But the making of the video to “Forever And Always” will get all the remaining funds. It’s making depends greatly on the funds available. It is my first official music video, so I will be consulting more experienced people in this field. I would like to hire professionals for all stages, scripting, filming and editing. But whether that is possible remains to be seen. The video may be finished around the same time with the release, but cannot be guaranteed.

Why no Kickstarter or similar?

I have researched this topic a lot lately. For this project, I don’t necessarily need funds to get started. The need for funding comes gradually as the work goes on. Most Kickstarter/Indiegogo fundraisers are to be completed in 30 days, but in my case every bit coming via donations help improve the overall package while it’s being worked on. Currently, I simply don’t have the reach to connect with all the people within 30 days, that might be interested in the vinyl edition (for example). So they might miss the fundraiser and as a result I might miss my funding goal.

What happens with the original Suunta?

The original Suunta will remain available as it is, freely downloadable and to be shared. The new reconstructed edition will be placed alongside it and won’t be a free release.

Thank you to everyone who have already made a donation or purchased music via my Bandcamp!

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